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About Us...

Julie Conrad
Mom and Pop
The manager

There have been countless times in our lives when through faith, sometimes only the size of a mustard seed, God has moved mountains. Learning to trust our faith has changed our lives. So with a crazy idea, some old fashioned hard work and a leap of faith, this small, humble business came to fruition and now our whole family is involved!

Julie is the OMS founder & chief soap maker. Julie's parents are the official soap wrappers. Multiple family members pitch in and help to make all this come together. This small, faith led and family run business has been a true blessing! 

Mom and Pop


we do

OMS is a family business dedicated to producing beautiful soaps with healthy ingredients. 

OMS participates in community & charity events.

OMS can be found at local Farmers Markets & Festivals.

OMS  is led by faith.

OMS is honored to pray for any and all who ask for prayer.


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