Our Ingredients:

OMS takes great care to select only the best ingredients for our products. Many are organically grown. We believe that natural emollients like cocoa, shea and mango butters, as well as conditioning oils like jojoba and hemp seed oils, are needed to truly hydrate the skin. 

It's the little things that mean so much!

The lo-down on our ingredients...

Soap ingredients can be a complex topic!

The choices we make about the ingredients we use are based solely on what we feel is right for our business and beliefs.

We purchase from our supplies from sources who harvest responsibly and who respect

and support efforts to protect animals and the environment. 

Ever wonder why your skin continues to be dry even thought you consistently use lotion? 

Commercially made products actually extract the skin loving glycerin that is produced naturally in the soap making process. The glycerin is then used for lotions and cremes that will earn more profit. Lathering agents are added into what's left and the soap becomes a moisture stripping detergent. Causing the need for more lotions! But the real problem is perpetuated by the soap! 

Our goal is to introduce and educate folks about the differences between mass produced, box store soaps

and those made with natural and organic ingredients. Our customers cannot get over the difference!

We thoroughly research and use many different ingredients in our soaps and our recipes vary. Ingredients for each

soap are listed both in our descriptions and on our labeling. Please me mindful of allergies when choosing a soap. 

We hand make our soaps in our own smoke free kitchen (or sunroom actually!).

We use both hot and cold process methods and take great care with our processes. 

Due to the nature of making soaps by hand the sizes and shapes of the bars may vary. 

This means each bar is a one of a kind! 


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